Stand Out Against Your Competition.

In order for your résumé to stand out against your competition, it must be modernized. Here are the keys to a creating a modern résumé:

Make intelligent use of keywords

Today’s recruiters use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software, and if your résumé does not reflect high-value keywords from the posted position, it will receive a lower ATS prioritization score.  The net result:  your résumé will sit lower in the stack of your competition, never seeing the light of day.   We know how to spot high-value keywords in job descriptions and weave them into your résumé in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Design it to be ATS-compliant

ATS software converts your beautifully constructed résumé into ASCII format.  As a result, elaborate font styles, bolding, italics, and fancy tables are reflected as simple text.  In fact, pictures and tables may actually convert into a muddled mess.  Simpler is better when it comes to résumé formatting.  We have developed a proven format that is both ATS-compliant and visually pleasing.  We also offer premium templates which are ATS-compliant, although we advocate using these templates to email or bring in printed format to the interview.

Make it grab attention

Even when your résumé is populated with the necessary keywords and rises to the top of the online stack, recruiters will spend no more than three to five seconds scanning your résumé before moving on to the next candidate.  As a result, it is critical that the top one-third of your résumé contain your elevator pitch.  We write a compelling, attention-grabbing headliner and summary, that even in ASCII format, stands out against your competition.

Quantify your accomplishments

Hiring managers want to know what you can do for them.  Therefore, it is critical your résumé reflect quantifiable accomplishments coupled with the use of action verbs.  It’s not just about your skills anymore.  We have developed a client intake form that guides you through the process of building a detailed inventory of your accomplishments, all of which will be used on LinkedIn, but only some of which will be integrated into your baseline résumé.  Remember, your résumé must reflect only those accomplishments and skills relevant to the position for which you are applying, so as not to be cluttered with unnecessary information.