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Our Résumé Value Proposition

It is important your résumé is modernized for Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), which acts like a robot (also known as a Bot), scoring your résumé using artificial intelligence. Noteworthy is that 90% of companies today use ATS to screen applicants against job descriptions.

You’ll receive from us a résumé and/or LinkedIn that is 1) written with precision and is grammatically correct, 2) uses valid keywords in context, 3) highlights your considerable accomplishments, and 4) is accurately formatted, all of which improves your ATS score.

Your résumé will also be written in a way that grabs the attention of the recruiter, who spends just 3–5 seconds glancing at your work history. And because we highlight your accomplishments, you’ll make an impression with the hiring manager, standing out against your competition.

Additionally, after we’ve rewritten your résumé, we run it through software that generates an optimization score, which we share with you. We don’t ignore the Bots. We use them.

With recognized writing credentials and 30 years’ experience crafting résumés (and LinkedIn), we combine technology with exceptional writing.

Résumé Packages

Silver: $295
One of the primary benefits of the Silver package is that we will train you how to optimize your résumé for future job submissions. One of the partners or job search coaches will host a one hour video conference call with you. During that call, we will finalize your draft résumé as well as show you what happens to résumés when they go through an ATS system. We’ll then teach you how to find important keywords in the job description as well as how to weave those keywords into your résumé so that you can optimize without continuing to pay a service provider to do so.

Remember, the roBot is scoring how well your résumé matches the job description to which you just applied. Optimization is no longer optional; it is mandatory. Additionally, you’ll receive an optimization report from us providing empirical evidence that we improved your match rate significantly.

Gold: $395
Our Gold package includes everything in the Silver package, plus one additional baseline résumé, a thank you letter written following your first job interview, five optimization reports that can be used for future job submissions, and a one-time forensic analysis for a position to which you applied but did not receive a call back.

Platinum: $495
If you do not like writing and optimizing your résumé for different job types, then the Platinum package is for you. This package includes everything from the Silver, plus three baseline résumés, two forensic analyses for positions to which you applied but did not receive a call back, and 10 optimization reports that you can use to help spot keywords on future job submissions.

C-Level: $395
If you are pursuing C-level positions, then you will want to upgrade to this package. We have several writers on our team who have held C-Level roles, and as a result, are uniquely equipped to write the more advanced résumé required for executives. We ensure that only one of our C-Level writers will be assigned to you.

Student: $150
We want to help recent graduates get a head start in life. As a result, we offer a significant discount from our Bronze package for students who have less than one year of professional experience and who have recently graduated from high school or college.

Global (International) CV: $395
We are adept in writing international CVs, especially for the European market. This package includes all elements from the Silver package, plus a CV that is tailored to an international audience. We also incorporate headshot and other images that North American résumés restrict. Note that all CVs are written in English only (we do not provide translation services).

Ongoing Editing: $50–$150
Need to optimize an existing baseline résumé for the same job family? We can help. Send us the job description and we’ll scan it against your XPM2 original baseline résumé, providing you with a quote for us to make the necessary modifications to improve your match score.

Résumé Deliverables

Client Intake
Before we begin writing, we want to get to know you. We have a proven client intake form we send you to fill out. This form is dual-purpose: it not only is a tool used to gather quantifiable accomplishments from you (which we use in your résumé), but also helps to prepare you for some questions you are likely to be asked during an interview. We ask you to email the client intake form back to us, along with a targeted job description and your old résumé. Then we start writing!

We will target your résumé to a job description you provide us, highlighting the skills and accomplishments relevant to that job description and downplaying any background or history that would discount you from being considered a viable candidate.

Furthermore, our résumé format is ATS-compliant, ensuring you will not be held back by the roBot due to poor formatting design. You’ll receive from us a résumé and/or LinkedIn that 1) is written with precision and is grammatically correct, 2) uses keywords in context, 3) highlights your accomplishments, and 4) is accurately formatted, all of which improves your ATS score. In addition, our résumés also look great in printed format.

Thank You Letters/Cover Letters
We provide professionally written letters that can be sent either in email or via post. Thank you letters incorporate details from your interview (which you provide to us), while cover letters highlight how you specifically fulfill the job requirements.

While we highlight your significant accomplishments in the cover letter, we also provide you information on how you can personalize the cover letter to a human being. Note that "Dear Sir or Madam," or "To Whom it May Concern" salutations are no longer used and are considered old school. Additionally, employers want to know you did a little homework on them (thus the reason we encourage you to incorporate the company's mission statement).

Tip #1: If the ATS system offers you the opportunity to submit a cover letter, always comply. Not doing so signifies to the recruiter that you are either disinterested or too lazy to take the time to write a cover letter.

Tip #2: Always send an individualized (not group) thank you email within 24 hours of your interview.

Job Search Tips
Today’s job market is highly competitive, with anywhere from 100 to 250 applicants vying for the same position. Typically, only 2-3% will receive a call back. So what is a candidate to do? Read our Job Search Tips, which provides a multi-layered strategy for job hunting.

Résumé Modification Guide
Determining what keywords to represent in a résumé is as much art as it is science. Read this guide to learn how to spot keywords from job descriptions and how to weave those high-valued keywords into your résumé.

LinkedIn Optimization Guide
Over the past two years, we have researched LinkedIn best practices, resulting in a 28-page document that takes the guess work out of how you need to build your LinkedIn for optimal results. We even include screen shots and step-by-step instructions, making it easy for you to bring your LinkedIn profile to an All Star status. Once you are an All Star, your chances increase for recruiters to find you.

One Hour Consultation
We review your newly drafted résumé in a video conference session, meeting with you face-to-face. During this consultation, we explain how we uncovered key words and optimized your résumé for the job description. In other words, we teach you how to optimize your résumé for every job description thereafter. We also finalize the résumé based on additional information we gather from you during this session.

By the end of the consultation, you will have a sufficient understanding of how to optimize your baseline résumé for future job submissions, mitigating the need to keep paying editing fees.

Forensic Analysis
Gold and Platinum clients are offered a forensic analysis on a job position for which they applied but received no response or were declined. Note that you must retain a copy of the optimized résumé that was submitted as well as a copy of the job description.

Optimization Report
After we’ve rewritten your résumé, we run it through software that generates an optimization score, which we share with you. We don't resist the roBots. We use them.

Gold and Platinum clients receive additional optimization reports that can be used to help them spot valuable keywords for future job submissions.