Testimonials From Our Clients

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Tera (2017) Mayor, City of Castle Pines
I engaged XPM2 to write a bio for my campaign run as Mayor of the City of Castle Pines.  The level of professional composition they provided far exceeded my expectations.  My bio was not only well-written from a grammatical perspective, but it articulated my value proposition to the community in a concise and streamlined manner.  Following my election to the office of Mayor, I further engaged XPM2 to enhance my LinkedIn profile in order to reflect my political background and community involvement.  I highly recommend XPM2 to anyone who needs a polished resume, biography, or LinkedIn update, and will definitely use their services again in the future.
Nicole S. (2018) CFO

XPM2's partners are engaging professionals who have mastered the skill of writing.  They use a method that allows the client to not only learn about proper resume writing but how to update their own resume in the future.  XPM2 synthesizes your experience/accomplishments and makes your work history leap off the page to recruiters.  They are a résumé guru!

Paul (2018) VP Product Management

I asked XPM2 Partners for assistance with my resume and am incredibly pleased with the results. The template is formatted well for ATS systems and I've noticed an immediate change in the time it takes me to submit my resume.  Even better are the results.  I'm averaging over three interviews a week now.  I highly recommend the professional writing services of XPM2.

Todd (2018) Senior Scrum Master

I want to publicly thank XPM2 Résumé Services for their help with my resume. Working with XPM2 couldn't have been easier. They are professional and go above and beyond to make sure that you're happy with their work and more importantly, that you have a functioning resume that produces results. I like the Colonial style resume and feel it sets my resume apart in style and format.

Marie (2017) Technical Support Engineer

I contracted XPM2 Résumé Services to write a professional level resumé for me earlier this year. I work in the software/technology field and this is a highly competitive field. I knew I needed not only a professional resumé but a cover letter and LinkedIn profile review. XPM2 took care of all of this for me. They did a top notch job and knew exactly what head hunters/job recruiters are looking for because as soon as I used those; I got called in for job interviews and eventually landed a wonderful exciting new job in the competitive field I love!

June (2017) Senior Business Operations Director

I recently engaged XPM2 to update my resume. After a brief consult, they quickly delivered a beautifully written resume that was tailored to a position I was applying for. Their writing style and industry expertise, advice on structure, and understanding of keyword optimization got me noticed. I would recommend XPM2 to anyone looking for a great resume - especially in professional services and support, business operations, and program management in the software sector.

Michael P. (2018) Senior Product Management Leader

I have an in-depth technical and business background and was struggling to move my resume from a generic version to one targeted to the Product Management leadership role.  XPM2 did a fantastic job building a streamlined, relevant resume for me.  They really understand industry keyword usage, ATS systems, and how to write results.  I use LinkedIn Premium and get competitive intelligence reports for every job I submit.  The reports show that I'm averaging 7 out of 10 keywords and getting into the top 25% of applicants being seen.  This is because XPM2 taught me how to modify my resume and how to use keywords.  Also, a Senior VP of Recruitment in Denver told me mine was the best resume he had seen in a very long time.  Thank you XPM2!

Steve (2017) VP Project Management Office

Over the years, XPM2 has written several resumes for me.  I keep coming back to them because they do a great job.  The last resume resulted in me getting the position I desired.  I'm a return customer because their resumes are high-quality.  They really do know how to use industry key words and how to write great headliners that get noticed.  You won't be disappointed using their services.

Michael S. (2018) Data Scientist

I had the opportunity to work with XPM2 in transforming and revitalizing my resume and it was one of the best experiences I've had. They not only did an excellent job in transforming my resume but armed me with the information needed to be able to update my resume in the future to the same excellent standards. While working with XPM2, I was able to tell that they ALWAYS put their clients interests first, strives to make sure we learn from the experience, and set us up for success in the future.

Heather (2018) Executive Admin

Not only did XPM2 do a wonderful job writing my resume and cover letter, they also gave me several great tips to update my LinkedIn account. They are very thorough and produced a spot on resume and cover letter for me. XPM2 knows what companies are looking for. I can't speak enough as to the quality of their work. I can't wait to get my new resume out there and see what happens!

Ricardo (2018) Military Transitioning to Civilian Sector

XPM2 did an excellent job in writing a resume for me. They were able to transfer my military training, skills and experience into a more suitable format for civilian employers to understand. There was great communication and felt they did a great job in helping me understand resume writing and restructure my LinkedIn page. I would highly recommend XPM2 to anyone interested in hiring a professional resume writer.

Karlene (2018) Marketing Executive
I got a job offer just this past Thursday! I couldn't have done it without you and I really mean that! I had applied at this same company for the same position BEFORE you did my resume. I never got a call. After using your baseline resume and tailoring it for the job, I resubmitted and got a call the next day! Several interviews later, I got an offer for a Director of Marketing position that I negotiated and accepted!
And in case you were wondering, in total I sent 13 tailored resumes and got 4 calls -- that's a 30.7% response rate! Darn good in this marketer's opinion!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I will definitely refer your services to others and am happy to be a reference or testimonial.
Joe (2018) CEO

XPM2 is a real pro at structuring and writing resumes. They are a grammarian par-excellence, with an ability to distill content to feature the most salient substance of your work experience. Could not recommend XPM2 more highly. They are excellent!

Doug (2018) PhD, Higher Education

XPM2 was very helpful in revising my resume. Their approach to gathering pertinent information, highlighting key accomplishments and strengths, and presenting a professional and useful first impression certainly improved the quality of my resume. I would strongly recommend XPM2's services for anyone looking to improve their application profile.

Alexandra (2018) Media Relations Manager

XPM2 was a great resource in editing and revising my resume. They were able to insert what was missing in my resume to give it that extra pop and really incorporate what about me stands out from other applicants. I highly recommend XPM2 for your resume and cover letter needs. Not only are they attentive and thoughtful, but they work quickly with accuracy. Thank you, XPM2!

Brian (2018) IT & SW Development Leader

If you are looking to refresh or build a resume that gets results, then I would highly recommend XPM2. XPM2 takes a very comprehensive approach to teach you how to showcase your value to prospective employers and has a keen insight as to what employers are looking for. They teach you their method of deconstructing your resume to tailor it for the position you are applying and it has been one of the best skills I have ever learned.                                                                              UPDATE FROM BRIAN:

I just wanted to let you know that I just accepted the Director of Business Intelligence position that I had interviewed for a few weeks ago.
Thank you so much for your help.  The resume you developed for me definitely made me stand out in a crowd of over 70 applicants.
Thanks ,
Loretta (2018) Licensed Master Social Worker, Coordinated Care

Thanks so much XPM2 for your advice and great ideas for my new resume for me! This resume stands out and provides my key experience and achievements in a concise manner. I would recommend XPM2 for anyone who is wanting to update their resume for today’s market! Thanks XPM2!

Aja (2018) United States Air Force, Transitioning to Civilian Sector

I would definitely recommend XPM2 when it comes to resume services. I was extremely impressed that they wanted to do a face to face consult. By doing that, we were able to communicate efficiently. XPM2 is very professional and will do what is best for you. I will definitely be recommending them to future members.

Michael S. (2018) Senior Project Manager, PMP Certified

XPM2 really cares about their clients and has excellent knowledge regarding how to optimize your resume to get results. Before I met with XPM2 I was not being as serious as I should have been about optimizing my resume for each job I applied for, but since I have starting taking their advice to heart I have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of responses I have received. XPM2 has also followed up a couple times on my job search, showing that they really are interested on how their clients are doing. Finding a job in today's market can be a tough battle, but XPM2 is a terrific asset to have in your corner in your job search.

Michael G. (2018) Data Warehouse Developer

I recently worked with  XPM2 Consulting to update my resume and linkedin profile. I originally contacted XPM2 hoping to get a refreshed resume and maybe a sample cover letter. The recommendations and guidance I received in addition to the resume and cover letter were invaluable. The comprehensive approach they took in reviewing my resume and online profile along with providing linkedin “best practices” and “resume tailoring” instructions exceeded my expectations. Worth every penny and highly recommend.

Randy (2018) Customer Care

XPM2 was very impressive with knowledge of writing resume. XPM2 explained how to change resume to fit what the job description says. XPM2 spent an hour with me explaining on how to make myself look better with my experience on what wording to use. XPM2 also explained you always need to be truthful on experiences. I would recommend XPM2 to anyone who asked if I knew of an excellent resume writer. If you have question contact me through LinkedIn. Randy

DeeAnn (2018) Mortgage Underwriter

I highly recommend XPM2 as a resume writer, they are very professional and thorough. They took the time to meet with me and get to know who I am. XPM2 is update to date on how the recruiters and how the computer programs review resumes. I would use their services again.

Paul (2018) Business Operations

I recently had the pleasure of working with XPM2 to overhaul my resume and LinkedIn profile. In addition to creating an excellent resume and cover letter, XPM2 provided a wealth of invaluable guidance and information on how to optimize a resume to match a specific job posting. Likewise, XPM2 furnished a list of LinkedIn best practices, with detailed recommendations on ways to improve my profile. I would definitely recommend their services.

Jennifer (2018) IT Consultant

After finishing my MBA and hitting a small bump in the road with my career I was seeking someone to help write my resume. Not only did XPM2 do that, but spent time with me figuring out next steps along with educating me on how the hiring process works within the systems that companies use. Never realized how weak my current resume was. I would recommend XPM2 again, and as my career changes, I will be reaching out to them to help update my resume at that time too! Thank you XPM2!

Kelse (2018)

XPM2 has been helping me secure my first job and has been SO HELPFUL. They were very responsive to email and is always willing to help. They are very knowledgeable of the current job market and I would recommend them to anyone looking to get some advice and guidance in job searching.

Tanesha (2018) Transitioning from USAF, Records & Info Compliance Officer

XPM2's resume services were OUTSTANDING. Upon reaching out to them via LinkedIn they responded promptly not just through messenger but also by telephone. XPM2 was very personable and ensured their process was clarified prior to any arrangements/going forward. Their services were quick and precise. They were able to take an overwhelming amount of information and arrange it in a manner that aligned with todays resume writing requirements that would assist with better visibility for my hire. For me, transitioning out of the military after 20 years into today's workforce has been a challenge in itself. However, working with XPM2 on my resume has given me the tools and the confidence that I needed to ensure I was submitting a resume that highlighted my best qualities. XPM2 made sure that my capabilities were not lost in translation and that my experience and ability to take on new challenges in the future were identified. I would and will work with XPM2 again and fully recommend using their company and expertise.

Signed a Very Satisfied Customer,


James (2018) Data Leader
XPM2 provided me a really top notch service in completely redesigning my resume. They also help me with some Linked in best practices and a cover letter. I am now ready for my job search and could not have even started without their help.
Paul (2018) Programmer Analyst / Systems Analyst

I hired XPM2 to update my resume'. I interviewed one other company and reviewed 2 more. I was impressed with XPM2's professionalism. They have a very professional website. Their business is focused on assisting people with their resume' and their job search. When I spoke to XPM2 for the first time on the phone, I could tell that they were the right one. The partners are XPM2 are very intelligent, accomplished, and I could tell that they know their business. After I returned my current resume' and intake form, they promptly created my resume' and cover letter in just a few days. I had not updated my resume' in 9 years, so I provided XPM2 with the lengthy and detailed raw data for that time period. They condensed my experience down to the most important accomplishments and summarized it very nicely, making sure that my resume' would receive a high score through the ATS system for my target position. I am hopeful that I will land the current targeted position or another similar position very soon. I plan to use XPM2 in the future for other resume' or job search activities. Thanks  XPM2 Consulting.

Nicholas (2018) Well Services Field Engineer

XPM2 was a terrific and professional organization to work with. Not only did they put their writing expertise to good use in helping me develop my resume and draft a cover letter, but they also showed their dedication by researching the industry in which I work. I would recommend XPM2 to any young professional looking to make a strong first impression before meeting potential employers in person.

Leia (2018) Graduating Student

As a recent college graduate with not much work experience, I knew I needed help with my resume. I found XPM2, the resume writing service and was connected to one of their writers who does awesome resumes for recent graduates. Out of all of the services I reviewed I felt the most confident in their services. From the very beginning, they were very easy to communicate with and took the time to answer all of my questions. The writer really helped me get started with the whole process and made sure I knew she was there to help with any questions. My resume and cover letter are perfect! She used the information I provided and articulated in a way that made it work great for my resume. When we reviewed the resume she also explained everything thoroughly, gave me recommendations and told me what to do if I needed to change anything in the future. She went above and beyond my looking up information of a potential employer for me. I have sent out my resume and cover letter and received many interviews and job offers. I am certain this success is due to my resume. I am so thankful to have invested in my resume it is a huge confidence booster. Thank you, XPM2!

Kelse (2018) Graduating Student

XPM2 has been helping me secure my first job and has been SO HELPFUL. They are very responsive to email and always willing to help. The writer is very knowledgeable of the current job market and I would recommend XPM2 to anyone looking to get some advice and guidance in job searching.

Tommy (2018) Project Manager

I hired XPM2 to update my resume, provide guidance for my LinkedIn, and educate me on ATS. I interviewed two other companies. I was impressed with XPM2's professionalism. They have a very professional website. Their business is focused on assisting people with their resume' and their job search. They are very intelligent, accomplished, and personable. I could tell they knew their business. They provided me excellent service with a quick turnaround time. They not only redesigned my resume but explained their approach for the job I was interested in applying. XPM2 helped me with some Linked in best practices, too. I later updated my resume for another job I really wanted based on what they taught me and got an interview. I have an offer pending from this company and can't thank XPM2 enough for their support and guidance. I strongly recommend XPM2 Consulting to anyone seeking a new career opportunity!

Mike Psq. (2018) Account Manager

I engaged XPM2's help to restructure my resume and revive my career search. They did a fantastic job creating a new resume, but equally important, taught me the skills necessary to adapt the resume, as needed, to meet certain job description criteria. XPM2 was professional, prompt, and very pleasant to work with! I was unsuccessful with another agency before seeking XPM2's assistance. Their help was worth every penny!